The Future…is Sweded!

•May 5, 2008 • 1 Comment

Earlier this year there was a small movie released starring jack black that was called “Be Kind, Rewind”.
be kind, rewind
This movie chronicles the tales of 2 video store clerks who are forced to reshoot or “swede” every one of their videos in the store. What this process entails is basically shooting the movie with a SUPER low budget, which in-turn makes the movie so comical and inventive that it reinvents the genius of the movie. The reason i bring this up is because recently my brother has sent me a link of a sweded movie that some dudes made for a contest and it has inspired me to create a sweded project of my own. The preliminary planning will start asap. but for now, enjoy the clip that my brother sent me here:
Terminator 2 Sweded: Low-Budgment Day


Alls Quiet on the Western Front..

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IM SORRY that i havent posted in a while, i know people have been upset over this and possibly lost faith in this blog. but alas, i am here now and i finally have something to say.
ok so everyone is getting these stimulus checks now, which is pretty cool i guess. I got mine, it was only 400 bucks for some crazy tax reasons which is kinda lame but anywho, i had it for like 20 minutes before i spent it all on bills which also is pretty lame, but i was forced to because i have basically no money left.
thats right, im STILL searching for a job. i mentioned in an earlier post that i had something BIG in the works and i would let you know when it happened. well, it hasnt happened yet, but ill let you know whats what anyway. i recieved a call from a friend of mine a few weeks ago asking me if i would be interested in being Ben Silverman’s driver. Ben if you dont know, is the co-chairman of NBC. ben silverman
there’s 2 chairman of NBC, one who’s name is Mark Graboff – who basically works from his office 9-5. Then there’s Ben who is the opposite. He’s the young deal-maker type guy. He does NOT work 9-5, he works a crazy late schedule and needs someone to drive him from place to place. My friend kristian did this job for a while and that is how i know what it’s all about.
so anyways, i told them that i was interested and i met with Ben’s other 2 assistants about it. they liked me and told me now all id have to do is meet Ben himself and then he would make a decision shortly after that. Well, that last part never happened. We met, yes, but then a day later i called to ask them what his decision was, and they informed me that Ben is going away on business for 3 weeks and wont make a decision till he gets back on May 15. Which left me begging my current boss for more hours. since i thought i was on my way out, my boss started phasing me out, giving me less and less to do. So now im stuck in that phase, raking in a whopping 150 bucks a week and trying to survive in this shitty economy.
Other than that, like the above title mentions, alls quiet. i saw Iron Man over the weekend, that was a great movie. but i think my favorite part of it was in the trailers, we finally saw the full trailer for “The Dark Knight”, which is by far, going to be the coolest movie of the summer. you can check it out here.

remember me?

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wow i havent updated in a while. sorry guys, i promise im alive. ive just been busy, depressed, crazed and anxiously searching for a new job. something promising is in the works and the second its legit ill let you guys know. thanks for still checking this shit daily. OUT.

humina humina

•April 12, 2008 • 1 Comment

ok so today wasnt that great. i slept late, ate some corn pops, went to the movies with my friend, came home, watched some battlestar….battlestar? hm? OH! BATTLESTAR! thats right! today WAS awesome, i forgot to mention that i met tricia helfer from battlestar galactica! so hot, want to touch the hiney. check this out:

me and trish


•April 9, 2008 • 2 Comments

so sunday was fun. i went to disneyland with some friends. it was free so i said why not. it turned out to be a lot of fun. i went on an actual roller coaster for the first time in my life. i used to be mortified by roller coasters when i was a little kid, i thought i would still be afraid to go on one but i guess i had a different image of them in my head than i did in person. i found that when i got there i was not nervous whatsoever. so i got on the roller coaster with no problem and i loved it. it was a good time, here’s a group photo:

also check out this hilarious video, it made me laugh out loud.

Nerds UNITE!

•April 5, 2008 • 1 Comment

The 4th season of Battlestar Galactica premieres tonight on Sci-Fi channel at 10pm. Everyone should watch it because it’s one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s like Lost….but in space…hm…”Lost In Space” sounds like a good idea for a TV show…i’ll get working on that right away.


Note to Self: Get a Job!

•April 1, 2008 • 1 Comment

yes, thats right, the job search is STILL going strong. and although i found out today that FOUR people i work with got jobs, I still have not. I’ve been interviewing all over so hopefully something will come about soon enough, I have t-minus 2 weeks left as an NBC Page 😦

anywho, today i worked at the tonight show and got to meet a certain celebrity who was sitting in the audience with his family. it was Norm MacDonald!
of SNL fame. which is so odd because i JUST watched his movie “Dirty Work” on last week, and whilst watching it I thought to myself “hm, whatever happened to norm macdonald?” So i wiki’d his name and read all this shit about him. so what are the odds that i get to meet him in person a week later? if things really work like that, i should start reading playboy magazine more often.
but it was fun, i shook his hand and told him i was a huge fan of his when he was on SNL. and he said thanks and asked me what my name was. then i showed him where the men’s room was. haha, my job is not demeaning at all. then later on i was asked to escort him and his family to their car, but someone from his party wandered off so we stood there for a while waiting for him to show up. in that few minutes i got to talk with norm. it was really cool. stuff like that never gets to happen. but anyways, i asked him if he knew my uncle doug neill (who was a prop guy at snl for 15 years) and he said “sure! i remember him, hows he doing?” which was a shock to me. i didnt think he would remember him. but there ya go. crazy!