A New Life.

My life is totally different from the last time i posted (sorry its been a while). I did the “The Day The Earth Stood Still” gig for a week and I had a great time there. It was at the 20th Century Fox lot in Century City which is also the home of the Fox building, otherwise known as Nakatomi Plaza from the first DIE HARD movie.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it. Just imagine the top floors of it being blown up by John McClane…you cant help but smile. the set for the movie was really cool, it was for what is called an “insert unit” which was basically a one week setup for ONE day of shooting. i cant say what the set looked like or what it involved because i signed a confidentiality agreement, but lets just say, no big actors were around. but regardless of that, it was a learning experience for me as a production assistant (PA), and i got to make a lot of good contacts.

While that job was coming to an end, i began interviewing all over the place for a new job. and i finally got called in for a job. the job is for the NEW “90210” show, simply titled…90210.

I’m currently working as their Office PA in Manhattan Beach which is substantially more south from where I live. the commute kinda bites but the job is pretty cool so far. My job basically is to serve the office in every which way and make sure everyone here is happy. So its kinda of a lame job, but in the entertainment industry its a good stepping stone kinda gig.

This weekend was pretty cool, me and my friend kristian each took a date to the Getty Museum.

Getty Museum

It’s an art museum a little south from where I live. It was pretty fascinating to see all those old paintings right in front of my face. I overheard one of the museum curator’s giving a tour and he was talking about a particular painting that he said cost the museum 70 MILLION dollars when they bought it in 2003. That amazes me. The painting were so old…some from the 16th and 17th centuries. the only other thing that old and awesome is my nana, who dropped me 100 bucks this weekend just for being such a rad grandson. Thanks nans!

And if you’re sharp, you noticed that I said I brought a date to the museum. Yes, I have been seeing a girl sort of. She seems pretty cool and she seems to think I’m pretty cool too. So that’s workin out…more details on that later. My friends Cassy and Lenny are coming to visit me starting next tuesday so i’m looking forward to them coming here. We plan to drive to Vegas for the weekend, and you know I usually have good stories to tell after Vegas, muahaha! So keep checking the blog people! sorry I havent posted in a while, i’ve been busy.

One last topic I wanna cover…the LA LAKERS rule.

If you know me well, you know that ive never been an NBA fan, let alone a SPORTS fan at all. I don’t know how it happened, but I have really been tracking the lakers and im enjoying it thoroughly. Now they made it to the NBA championship and won last nights game (game 3). I think its safe to say I might have become a Lakers fan overnight. Funny how things happen, I guess people can change, right?


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