in the midst of trying to find a steady job, i got to thinking of all the jobs ive ever had, and im going to attempt to list them all right here. it’s been fun thinking of every little thing ive ever been paid for and trying to write them down in their proper order that they happened. you try it in the comments of this blog!

1. McDonalds (I was 14, it lasted 2 weeks)

2. K-Mart (cashier)

3. Radio Shack (salesperson)

4. S & S Tuxedo’s (salesperson)

5. Poolside Concession Stand (1 weekend)

6. GEICO (underwriter)

7. Binghamton Library (music library attendant)

8. Long Island Balloon (delivery person)

9. Saturday Night Live (cue card catcher/stage crew)

10. Dark Water (assistant set dresser)

11. Wife Swap (logger)

12. Enchanted (craft service)

13. Rescue Me (assistant set dresser)

14. Chase Auto Finance (Customer Service)

15. Levittown School District (substitute teacher)

16. NBC (page)

17. Star Trek (extra)

18. Caterer (1 day)

19. How to Look Good Naked (extra)

20. The Day the Earth Stood Still (PA for 1 week)

21. ??

and hopefully the 21st job will come soon enough. this was fun trying to think of all this stuff and put them in the right order, you should try it.


~ by mattmcg on May 29, 2008.

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