The Slip

i love the future because cool things happen in it. today the band Nine Inch Nails released their new album, “the slip”, solely on the internet for FREE. similar to what Radiohead did, except…i like nin better than Radiohead, hehe. i still think it is a really cool concept that these big artists are now doing. they know that even if they make their album available for free online, that their massive amounts of dedicated fans will still go out and buy the album anyway. bands like nin and radiohead are so big that they can basically do whatever they want. they are no longer commited to a label and have the freedom to make whatever creative choices they want, which is so badass. im listening to the album right now and it sounds pretty good so far. it’s only 10 songs (although track 1 is a minute long intro…which i hate), so technically its only 9 new songs, but who’s counting? what’s also cool is that they give you the choice to download the straight mp3 files or a FLAC file which stands for “free audio lossless codec”. a FLAC file is essentially the fully uncompressed version of the audio recording. mp3’s an other formats tend to compress the audio a bit, so for the true anywho, if you want to download the album yourself, click on the picture below. or wait till july when the physical cd is released.


~ by mattmcg on May 6, 2008.

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