Note to Self: Get a Job!

yes, thats right, the job search is STILL going strong. and although i found out today that FOUR people i work with got jobs, I still have not. I’ve been interviewing all over so hopefully something will come about soon enough, I have t-minus 2 weeks left as an NBC Page 😦

anywho, today i worked at the tonight show and got to meet a certain celebrity who was sitting in the audience with his family. it was Norm MacDonald!
of SNL fame. which is so odd because i JUST watched his movie “Dirty Work” on last week, and whilst watching it I thought to myself “hm, whatever happened to norm macdonald?” So i wiki’d his name and read all this shit about him. so what are the odds that i get to meet him in person a week later? if things really work like that, i should start reading playboy magazine more often.
but it was fun, i shook his hand and told him i was a huge fan of his when he was on SNL. and he said thanks and asked me what my name was. then i showed him where the men’s room was. haha, my job is not demeaning at all. then later on i was asked to escort him and his family to their car, but someone from his party wandered off so we stood there for a while waiting for him to show up. in that few minutes i got to talk with norm. it was really cool. stuff like that never gets to happen. but anyways, i asked him if he knew my uncle doug neill (who was a prop guy at snl for 15 years) and he said “sure! i remember him, hows he doing?” which was a shock to me. i didnt think he would remember him. but there ya go. crazy!


~ by mattmcg on April 1, 2008.

One Response to “Note to Self: Get a Job!”

  1. So cool…you need to get a job dude. This is SO not cool!

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