Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Alcohol

March 17 – St. Patty’s Day. Also the last day of shooting (for the extras) on the set of “Star Trek”. For this of you not in the Matt McGregor KNOW, i did some extra work on J.J. Abrams Star Trek in December. So I was called back to do one final day of work….on March 17.
I had to be on set at 4am which means that I had to wake up at 3am and drive to Cal State Northridge (CSUN) which is about 20 minutes away. I got there at precisely 4am thanks to mapquest (so useful!) and immediately was shoved into the hair and makeup tent for a haircut, which i dont mind because if any movie or tv production has to cut your hair, they give you whats called a “hair bump” or in other words 5-10 dollars. So they gave me 5 bucks, totally worth it to me. After that I ate some mediocre catered breakfast and then was herded out to the on location set, which was a college campus made to look like “starfleet academy”. Now it annoyed me seeing all this cool stuff and not being allowed to take any photos of it, but to my surprise, i found some pictures online today thanks to a SPY who was in a nearby building taking pictures of us! check them out here!
if you look closely at the 3rd picture you can see me. I’m like right in the middle of the pic. kinda blurry and hard to see, but i assure you…it’s me. it was a fun day but also a long one. It was freezing in the morning, but once the sun came out, it was boiling hot. I got some nice sunburn on my face which is always fun. plus my allergies were kickin it into high gear as well. but as you can see, the set was really cool. lots of blue screen effects will be added to make the campus look like its in San Francisco, which is where the majority of the movie takes place, the rest of the movie im sure will be IN SPACE. but yeah there were crazy movable pillars and a sweet future car, which they told us only cost them $2000 to have made. it was really cool looking as you can see in pics 4 and 5. Anywho, the shoot finally ended at 7pm and i got home a little after that. My friend Larry (of vegas trip fame) called and asked me if i wanted to grab a drink with him and some other guys for St. Patty’s Day. Now although I was exhausted, I’m not a human vag so i agreed to join him under the pretense that the night would not be that long. Man was I wrong. We went to a place called Barney’s Beanery in Hollywood. It’s a cool bar, in fact, kid from those early 90’s kid’n’play movies (House Party, House Party 2) was there.
That’s him on the left and man is his career non-existant.
Me and Larry requested “California Love” by tupac and dr. dre for karaoke. i would, of course, sing the dre part. but unfortunately they never played our song, maybe it was our drunken chanting of “TU-PAC, TU-PAC, TU-PAC” that made them not want to play it, but i say it was because they were afraid of how good at rapping we would be. you cant stop these skills! so finally we decided to leave. i went to bed at about 2am. i was awake for 23 hours and felt like death. thank you j.j. abrams, thank you saint patrick, thank you alcohol. ok now i just sound like that alanis morrisette song. im OUT!


~ by mattmcg on March 19, 2008.

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