My First Movie Premiere.

so this morning i had my 2 job interviews. the first one was cool, it was for a small tv development company on the warner bros. lot (right next to the famed warner bros. water tower i might add). that job would be cool if i got it, very small, very low key, lots of creative involvement, room to move up. the other job wasnt so cool. it was at a small company thats sole purpose is to add subtitles to dvds. kind of cool but not really. basically i would be sitting at a computer all day logging scenes…been there, done that, BOR-RING!
so today was supposed to be my day off, but my boss called me in to work cause they were short a guy. this was totally fine by me because i love and need money at all times of my life. so i go in and it was seriously…THEE most boring day ever. i was looking forward to getting home and rocking call of duty 4 for like 12 hours straight on the xbox 360. but then at about 2 oclock i get a text from my friend larry (who im going to vegas with this weekend). he wants to know if i want to join him at the “10,000 B.C.” premiere! yes, THE premiere at Mann’s Chinese Theater. so of course i decided to go on the basis that it was free and that my afternoon otherwise would have consisted of video games.
so larry explains to me that it isnt a garaunteed entry but we are going 2 hours before the start of it so things should be ok. we drive to hollywood, park and quickly get in line. unfortunately there was a man who kept farting right in front of us, it was gross and unnecessary. so we waited and waited and waited. in my waiting time, i took some pictures of the theater with all the lights and stuff, i hope they come out ok (ill post them soon). so then finally its now 7:30 (we started waiting at 5:20) and the line starts to move. we keep moving and moving and moving and finally we get right to the door, its us with about 4 people in front of us. then they make the announcement, “no more”…….wow, it sucked. we went home after that and played call of duty 4….now thats a game.
shitty night altogether, but then i checked one of my many movie websites later on and saw these cool posters they are releasing for this movie called “watchmen” which is based on a graphic novel i read which is GREAT, i recommend it to anyone. but anywho, the posters are badass, check them out.
the comedian
silk spectre
nite owl
so bad ass..


~ by mattmcg on March 6, 2008.

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