The Hunting Party.

…as in, the job hunting party, aka…ME and me alone. thats right kids, im looking for a new job. the page program only lasts 1 year and i started on march 26 2007. so ive got a few weeks and then im shit outta luck. so if youre wondering why i havent posted a lot lately its because ive been busy lately kissing ass and sucking up to interviewers left and right, trying to catch a break in this crazy business. I had one interview for a small production company on the warner bros. lot that i thought went well last thursday. they sent me an email today saying that they are still in the interviewing process and would let me know about the position in time. and now tomorrow i have 2 back to back interviews: one is to be a closed captions guy hehe. the other is to work at a small production company on the warner lot yet again but not the same one from last thursday. then i have another interview thursday morning and that one is to be a logger. so thats the current status in the job hunt. ill try and post about them as they develop. PEACE Y’ALL!

PS – here is another headshot of me.


~ by mattmcg on March 5, 2008.

One Response to “The Hunting Party.”

  1. Good luck man.

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