Tim Riggins is Gambit!

according to darkhorizons.com, “Friday Night Lights” star Taylor Kitsch who plays bad boy Tim Riggins on the show has just signed a 3 picture deal with 20th century fox to portray the character of GAMBIT. tim riggins gambit
He will first be seen in the new film “X-men Origins: Wolverine” which is being shot right now. This is the prequel to the first X-men film that will highlight the violent and romantic past of one of the x-mens greatest characters: wolverine. In light of the recent official casting announcement, this destroys any other rumors of other actors playing this part. For a long time, the role was rumored to have been given to Josh Holloway who plays “Sawyer” on LOST. But I guess if you think about it a) he’s probably super tied down to that show right now and b) he might be a big too old for a 3 picture deal. I guess they wanted someone a bit younger. PLUS, from the NBC side of things, word on the street is that Friday Night Lights might be done…for GOOD. AKA Taylor Kitsch would be sitting on his ass if he didn’t sign up to do this.
I personally think it’s a good casting choice. If you watch FNL then you know what kind of an actor the kid is. He seems like he could pull it off and make a name for himself with this role just as Hugh Jackman made a name for himself by playing wolverine the first time around. Remember, no one knew who “Hugh Jackman” was when the casting was first announced for that movie.


~ by mattmcg on February 19, 2008.

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