the anti-valentine’s day post

i didnt post for a while, so to my 4 loyal fans who read this site including my own mother…im sorry for this. but anywho, it’s time to post because since valentines day so much has happened. i will try to recap as thoroughly as i can:
wed – the writers guild strike FINALLY ends. after about 100 days the writers voted yes to their new contract and went back to work on wednesday. this is good for me because hopefully within the coming weeks as productions startup again, jobs will open up and i could ultimately get one. that would be ideal.
thurs – thursday on the tonight show was russell crowe. finally a big A-list actor was on the show and not animals, already this post strike world is looking much much better. so i took it upon myself to meet mr. crowe. i stayed after work and got to take a picture with him and shake his hand. despite what everyone says about him being an asshole, he seemed pretty cool to me. unfortunately the picture that was taken of me and him came out bogus so i have no picture to post except this standalone one of him 😦 russell crowe
that night i was sitting in my apartment with my buddy joseph from work and we were watching the newest episode of LOST together when it dawned on me that, hey, its valentines day, im sitting in alone like a jackass when there’s plenty of single women out there looking for some sort of lovin’ on this fine made-up holiday. so i made up my mind and after lost i went out to a bar called “birds” in hollywood. my friend al came to pick me up and the 2 of us went together (joseph went home). so birds was actually pretty cool. it was a small bar and it was packed. once you found your spot for the night, that was it. so as the night progressed i met a girl and we were talking all night, me her and al. when all of a sudden none other than actor, ROB SCHNEIDER approaches us. rob schneider
so me being somewhat drunk i scream out “hey its rob schneider!” or something to that effect. and he embraces my cheer by lifting his beer towards mine in celebration of himself. “clink” he hit my glass, “clink” he hit al’s glass…then he went to clink the girls glass but alas, she did not have one, so instead, to everyones surprise, he clinked her cleavage (which was deservedly clinkable). it was a hilarious moment, probably the best of the night. it was all downhill from there.
fri – i woke up the next day with an incredible hangover. but despite that i went to work. upon arrival there, my friend chris reminded me that today is the day we are going to meet brian k. vaughan. if you read this blog a lot you’ll remember that brian k. vaughan or bkv is the comic book author of “Y: The Last Man” the current graphic novel that i am reading. he is also a writer on LOST now. so despite feeling like a cinder block was residing in my head, i went with chris to meet bkv. it was at a tiny little comic book store in burbank. when we got there, the place was practically empty, but there was bkv sitting on a couch with felt marker in hand waiting for hordes of nerds to attack him. but the hordes never came. so i bought myself a copy of the last issue of “Y” and had him autograph it. the last man
we talked for about 20 minutes about comics, writing for tv and LOST. he was very very nice.
sat – and now as i sit here, it is saturday and the unofficial announcement has been made that Blu-ray is the winner of HD-DVD. so my tax refunds are in my bank account as of today and im already in the process of selling my HD drive and my HD movies. then i will buy a PS3 because its smarter to buy one of those than a standalone blu-ray player because not only are you getting a blu-ray dvd player but a game system as well for only about 100 bucks more. PS3
so thats my last few days in a nutshell, i hope you enjoyed the story.


~ by mattmcg on February 16, 2008.

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