Death and Taxes.

lesson learned: doing your own taxes is MAD EASY. its a joke that people actually pay someone else to do their taxes for them. I tried doing my taxes on my own by using turbotax’s online program thing….it was so simple. all i needed was some information off of my W-2 forms and i was good to go, what a joke. I won’t disclose how much money im going to get back in returns but i will just tell you that i was pleasantly surprised. one thing kinda sucked…since i lived in 2 states, i had to do my state taxes twice, and also pay 2 different fees for each state…pretty lame, but other than that, everything was a-ok. heck, i even wrote off the plane fare i payed to move here as a deductable, awesome.
in other news, today after work my friend amy was going to talk to a guy about a job, so i sneakily tagged along knowing that if i was with her, i could learn about this job too. in doing so i found out about the job, its basically an assistant position for a guy. thats not the interesting part, the interesting part was his name….his last name is DEATH. that is the coolest last name ever if you ask me. in fact, the only thing that could make it cooler is if he was a doctor. because then he would be Dr. Death. imagine going to the doctor for say…a routine check-up, and his name is Dr. Death? how scared would you be? thats like going to a gynocologist named Dr. PoonStab! oh man, i love it.
anywho, couple things on the forefront to look towards…tomorrow im seeing “There Will Be Blood” for a second time just to make sure that i really enjoyed it (it’s a free screening, why not?). also, my friend chris is letting me borrow his copy of “Y: The Last Man” which is a very popular graphic novel written by acclaimed graphic novelist, Brian K. Vaughan (who is now a writer for LOST), so im excited to get into that. The Last Man
So far, i’ve only read one graphic novel in my life and that was Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” which is currently being made into a big budget movie by Zach Snyder (Dawn of the Dead remake, 300). That book was excellent and i recommend it to anyone. Watchmen
Also, I finally started watching “Arizona Slim”, my uncles movie. It was in bad condition, but watchable nonetheless….the acting was horrible but also just ok enough to endure. But alas, i didnt finish the movie, i got about halfway through and then my roommate walked in, so i had to turn it off out of a) secrecy and b) sheer embarassment. But i vow to finish it this weekend. so, check the blog for the review of that masterpiece.


~ by mattmcg on February 6, 2008.

One Response to “Death and Taxes.”

  1. (A) the poonstab line made me LOL
    (B) i hated Y the last man.

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