ok so my original plan was to do a super bowl party at my place with my 50 inch hdtv…but plans changed due to me being invited to john melendez’s(stuttering johns) superbowl party at his house in calabasas. so i got a bunch of my buddies together and we all headed over there on superbowl sunday. needless to say, it was fucking amazing!
melendez this is john and his wife. we basically ate free catered philly cheese steaks and drank a shit load of free beer and watched the giants fucking obliterate the pats “perfect” record. what a night. it was great. also, steven webber, of “wings” fame was at the party. he started a conversation with me and my friends and we told him we were huge fans of this low budget horror movie he did not too long ago called “Jenifer”. its directed by dario argento and is gorey as fuck. he also wrote the script for it and seemed very appreciative of us giving him kudos.
steven webber all in all it was a great day. i was pressured by some to go to another superbowl party, but im so glad i made the right decision to go to the way cooler party. John also had an insane view from his backyard. I took some photos with my crappy camera phone…
melendez’s view i guess i had a lot of fun because i could not shake the incredibly happy feeling i had for myself knowing how far ive come in one year…..what i mean by that is that last year on superbowl sunday, i was still living with my cousin and i hadnt started being a page yet. so the only 2 people i knew were my cousin jaimie and her roommate aaron. aaron was cool but also kind of a weird guy, but because my cousin was working on superbowl sunday, i went to party with him and his cousin. it was kinda weird a) considering im not a sportsfan at all and knew nothing of this “football” they were speaking so fondly of. b) i didnt know really know either of them really..but ill say one thing, his cousin made these homemade burgers made from chop meat…they were seriously amazing…if theres one thing that lacked at this party, it was those burgers. but anywho, to finish my thought…..its a year later and here i was spending superbowl sunday with not only my close friends but also upwards of 100 other people in a huge 3 million dollar house…owned by a d list celebrity. i dont know…if i made it to the ranks of d-list in one year, thats gotta be a good sign. 🙂


~ by mattmcg on February 4, 2008.

One Response to “SUPA BOWWWWLL”

  1. Dude, Steven Webber, Stuttering John and Philly Cheese Steaks, what an amazing party…you should be glad I made the lame Star Wars comment.

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