monday, bloody monday..

Through my friend Kristian, I have been introduced to the (wonderful) world of plasma donations. For months now, he has been going to a blood lab clinic sorta place and donating his plasma for $75 a visit! and you can visit up to twice a week! thats a lot of blood money. So I thought this would be a good venture for me to undertake…being incredibly poor and what not. So I signed up, first they had to run some samples on my blood to see if i qualified, it took a while but i finally found out, not only do i qualify but theyre going to put me on the higher paying program called the Anthrax program. This means I wont get $75 a pop but rather $125! And all I have to do is let them inject me with a vaccine against anthrax so that i can build the antibodies so that they can later extract them from my plasma and use them to create more vaccine! sounds simple right? it did to me too..
So today was my first day. I go in at 8am and this doctor sits me down in this chair and he pokes at my arm for what felt like 20 minutes. needless to say, he couldnt find a vein in my arm. Now I have this huge ass bruise on my right arm, lovely. anyhow, a different doctor found a vein in my left arm on her first try (thanks). After an hour of sucking me dry I finally approach the receptionists desk to collect my check. What does she hand me?….$25? yes….$25.00. It turns out, I only get the full amount whenever they give me the vaccination…which is only about once every other week or so. lame.
But in theory, it is extra money for me, i dont have to drive for to get it, and the process…well sure it sucks and i have to do all this before work (super early) but all in all it is basically free money. And every other week I get $125….is it worth it? there will be blood


~ by mattmcg on January 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “monday, bloody monday..”

  1. MUAH HA HA HA, I feel a bit better knowing that you are not making that ridiculous amount of money every visit. I’m not going to lie, I did feel a bit jealous.

  2. you are nuts! i can’t believe you are letting them inject you with things! but i guess you’ll be well prepared if there is ever an anthrax attack (didnt that happen already?).

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