It’s good to be the king.

tonight was awesome. after work, me and my friend kristian went to the aero theater in santa monica which is this awesome little theater that has all sorts of cool events every month. For the past couple of days they have been having Mel Brooks double features. Today was “Blazing Saddles” followed by “History of the World: Part I”. But in between the 2 screenings there was a Q & A with the almighty himself, Mel Brooks.
Kristian brought his camera and his copy of saddles on dvd for Mel to possibly sign. But unfortunately, right in the beginning they made it clear that there would be no pictures or autographs allowed….bummer. So basically, blazing saddles was hilarious and totally awesome to watch on film with a full audience, what an experience. Then finally Mel came out to do his Q & A. It was pretty good, he mainly just talked about the old days and how blazing saddles was a breakthrough for its time and how it almost wasnt allowed to be released. That was brief and kind of a let down that we couldnt get a pic with him, we had both intended to meet him, oh well…
Then History of the World came on. that movie is seriously hilarious. Kristian had never seen it before but he was instantly sucked into the hilarity of it. it is a must see for any lover of comedy.
So the movie ends and we bolt out of the theater, knowing that it was cold outside and we had parked a few blocks away. everyone else was crowding around the lobby, taking their time leaving, hoping to get a final glimpse of Mel. So nobody is outside as we are walking down the empty street. About 3 or 4 blocks down, all of a sudden we realize, Mel is walking BY HIMSELF right behind us. so just as he is approaching his car, we ask him if we could take a picture with him….he said yes. so we shook his hand, told him we love his work and snapped away. i leave you with a photo of me and the king and mel


~ by mattmcg on January 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “It’s good to be the king.”

  1. Dude, that’s awesome. You always luck out with this sorta stuff, hehe.

  2. dude that’s awesome, really really awesome. though i’d be more impressed if you got one with heath ledger. still pretty amazing!

  3. Dude, where is the picture?? I will NEVER forget that night…totally amazing!
    “It’s good to be King!”

  4. the man looks near decay.
    but it’s true..
    he’s still the KING of comedy.

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