atone this!

In the past few days i have done nothing really but see movies. I guess because it’s awards season me and everyone I know have been trying to see as many of the nominated movies as possible. Today I saw 2 great movies: “The Kite Runner” which I liked very much. But I also saw “Atonement” which I have to admit….is probably one of THEE best films I have EVER seen. I truly feel this way, it blew me away. It was just so grand and epic, I was totally sucked in. The funny thing is, some friends of mine saw it a few weeks ago and told me that it was nothing special at all. who knows? maybe it was because they downplayed it so much that maybe I expected less from it? I dont know, but, to me, this movie was absolutely outstanding and beautiful, it deserves every award it gets. go see this movie.


~ by mattmcg on January 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “atone this!”

  1. the kite runner as a book was good. i think the fact that it was a crazy big deal in terms of ‘best sellers’ and all that kind of dimmed the glow for me, because it was SUPPOSED to be so good. but, whatever. i def think it’s quality material. as far as atonement goes, dude, i tried to stay away from it because it seemed so safe, traditional, and romantic, three adjectives which usually repel me voraciously. but i’ll take your word for it. speaking of movies, yeah man, i’ve been seeing a ton a lot as well. i JUST finished watching 3:10 to yuma. dude, SECK movie.

  2. this movie was traditional in a sense i suppose, but i dont know, i just enjoyed every aspect of it, like i said, i got sucked in. the way it was shot was clever, the music was great and the colors were beautiful. it really was i think, a PERFECT movie.

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