there will be blood.

since my last post there have not been any developments on the “arizona slim” front. but alas, other stuff happened.

on saturday i was invited by my friend katie porter to my first hockey game in LA. it was a game between the LA Kings and the Dallas Stars. It was at the staples center which i had never been to before as well. all in all it was a good time had by all. the Kings won in a shootout 4 to 3. good stuff.

later that night, me and my buddies kristian and aaron watched “Zodiac” in HD. definitely one of my favorite movies of 2007, check it out.

Today i watched the NY Giants win against the Dallas Cowboys, which is cool. I’ve never been a huge sports fan but I get into it sometimes. its funny because im really rooting for the giants to win, mainly because im thinking of having a superbowl party at my place and it would be cool to have a new york team be in the superbowl for me to root for at my own party. yaaay. so after the football game, i went to see “there will be blood” FINALLY. ive been seriously dying for weeks to see this much talked about movie. and you know what?….eh. thats how i felt. i dont know, it was better than “eh” i guess….daniel day lewis was phenomenal. he is one awesome actor. in fact all the acting in the movie was really good. but in terms of overall movie greatness…i think my faith still lies with “no country for old men”. not that “blood” was bad or anything…just not as good as “no country”…at least in my opinion.

also – celeb sighting – i stood right behind Dwight Yoakam on line at the grocery store last night. if you dont know who he is, he’s a country music singer/actor. he was in “Panic Room” and “Slingblade”. thats all i know at least. but he was scary and having issues with his credit card so i chose not to speak to him. dang..Me at the hockey game


~ by mattmcg on January 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “there will be blood.”

  1. i’m not some ridiculous art kid. i think we all know that. but the thing is, with THERE WILL BE BLOOD, either you get it or you don’t. this entire movie is just a character piece. everything around him, essentially, does not matter except in the way that it ends up affecting him in the end. i don’t think i’ve ever seen another movie like this before. and i didn’t really know what was happening, or why, UNTIL the very end. and walking out of the theater, stewing it around in my brain for a while, i felt the same way. “eh that was aaight, DDL was sick, but….” and the more i talked to people about it, the more i tried to describe it to others and myself, the more i realized that i wanted to go back and see it again.

    this was the slowest crescendo of rage that’s ever been mounted.

    anyway, i’m glad you went and got to see the glory that is the LA KINGS hockey squadron. they were better last year, much better names, and faces. but this year, eh. i’m seeing them the 31st with rah-sauce.

    in march, we’re coming for you.

  2. you know, this happens to me a lot where i think i didnt like a movie, but then i cant stop thinking about it. i actually dreamt about the movie last night. its getting to me, maybe i liked it more than i originally thought.

  3. Your first hockey game? You lived on Long Island! We only have 1 professional team! I can’t believe you never went to an Islanders game, hehe.

  4. it clearly says first hockey game in LA dude. ive been to a lot in NY.

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