“Arizona Slim”

ok, the story of arizona slim goes back a loong time. when i was a little kid, i told my dad that when i grow up i want to be a movie director, it was a decision i was hell-bent on as long as i knew that movies were made by people. upon me telling my dad this, to impress me, he told me that my uncle paul once made a movie in the 70’s…it was called “arizona slim”.

quick note- my uncle paul is super rich and super retired, also super eccentric. but he lived quite the life, becoming a famous “hairdresser to the stars” in the 1970’s working for lots of famous people including jane fonda, for whom he gave the “shag” haircut which was one of the most successful female hairstyles of that time. with his money, he dabbled in many things, one of which was movie producing.

the only history i got on this movie was that it was never released theatrically, nay, never released at all. when i asked my dad “why” he would tell me that the movie was far too racy for its time, what with numerous depictions of sex and drug use…it was “way ahead of its time”, he said. never actually speaking to my uncle about it in person, this was the story i stuck by for a long time. and also according to my dad, my uncle destroyed every copy of the film that exists.

….cut to 2008, i live in los angeles, i work in the entertainment industry, and like everyone else out here, im looking for my big break. suddenly one day…it dawns on me. arizona slim is a movie that my uncle owns the rights to, maybe, by the grace of god, if he has a copy of the movie or even the script, i could see it, and maybe adapt it into my own movie, this could be my big break! so i took it upon myself to finally go over my dads head and instead of channeling my uncle through him, i called my uncle paul myself. this was 5 days ago. i asked him for a backstory. how did you make it? why did you make it? why did it never get released then or SINCE then? does a copy exist? and if so, can i have it? what he told me surprised me.

$300,000 were poured into the making of this thing. a young, then unknown, actor by the name of ted danson starred in the movie, a scene of the movie was shot on the top of the building where the ball drops for new years eve ON new years eve 1976……..and apparently, the movie is a piece of shit.

disregarding his reasoning for why the movie was never released, i asked if there was a copy of a script or ANYthing still existing in this world. he told me “maybe” and that he would look for me.

…today….i get home from work, and i check my mailbox. there is a package roughly the size of a VHS tape. i open it to find an old tape labeled “arizona slim” with a post it note attached that says “Hi Matt, Please have an open mind, it’s pretty bad :/”…nothing more.

so thats where the story stops for now, but its far from finished, anything could happen…what i plan to do…since i dont even OWN a VCR, is bring this tape to some place that can convert it to a dvd, then watch it, form my own opinion about that movie, and see where i want to take it from there…..or the tape could be so old it doesnt even work.

lets hear it!


~ by mattmcg on January 10, 2008.

2 Responses to ““Arizona Slim””

  1. dude, make this happen. bad is the new good.

  2. With all the remakes these days, I say you best bet is to gamble on remaking something even if no one has EVER heard of it! Except for Ted Danson of course.

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