rain rain go away!

welp, it happened, it actually rained in LA…and for 3 days straight! so, sadly, i havent done much that is blog worthy. the weather plus me being super broke after the holidays equals a boring blog. but alas, rain is perfect movie weather so thats exactly what i did. i saw 3 movies this weekend.

1) Charlie Wilson’s War – this is that movie with tom hanks and the highly overrated julia roberts. it was a good movie i guess, it was just one of those good movies that you would never watch more than once, like “Passion of the Christ” or “United 93”. not that this movie was as gut wrenching as those other movies but there just wasnt anything to it. basically its about this texas congressman, charlie wilson, and how he singlehandedly ended the cold war. it was an interesting story and what-not but just not enough to garner a second viewing in my opinion. Julisa Roberts, who i never thought was anything special, is barely in the movie. If there was one thing i really enjoyed about the movie it was Phillip Seymour Hoffman, his character is a scene stealer and he was probably the best part of the entire thing.

2) The Heartbreak Kid – this is that ben stiller movie that was out a few months ago. its a farrelly brothers movie (something about mary, dumb and dumber) so you can expect the kind of comedy it will be going into it. but although funny at times, this movie wasnt really all that funny. it wasnt bad, but it wasnt a comedy…that much….i dont know what this movie is. but i do like ben stiller and the girl who plays opposite him is super hot, her name is malin akerman. no one knows who she is yet but she’ll be famous in about a year, she has a lot of movies coming out, one of which is the “watchmen” movie, based on the graphic novel which i read, and is super awesome.

3) Gone with the Woman – my good friend Kristian here in LA is norwegian and he is very proud of this. he is constantly telling me nordic facts and whatnot. so naturally he found out that there is a scandanavian film festival going on this weekend here in town and invited me to go with him. i told him i was broke so he offered to pay for me to go with him just so he wouldnt have to go alone. it was such a nice gesture and i would have just sat on my ass at home if i didnt go with him….so i went. the movie is, of course, from norway so it was subtitled. but it was a very funny, feel good type of movie about a guy who is stuck in a relationship with an extremely controlling girl (sounds familiar to me). but the movie wasnt done overly cheesy, in fact, it was done very realistically and thats what made it cool. i liked it a lot and would recommend this to anyone….if you could find it in this country.

But anyhow, that was my weekend in a nutshell…oh wait no it isnt, i also went to a bar called Skinny’s which is down the road from me. its small but it gets packed out a lot. i went there on saturday night for my friend amanda’s birthday. i didnt stay long because a) im broke and b) me and kristian went back to my apartment to watch more episodes of the third season of “lost” (ive been catching him up in time for the season 4 premiere on the 31st). he was skeptical at first, but like most – he is now obsessed with the show, which once again proves my theory….lost is the best show ever made.

and THAT pretty much sums up my weekend. now im going to finish it off by watching the remade “American Gladiators” tv show on….you guessed it…NBC 🙂


~ by mattmcg on January 7, 2008.

One Response to “rain rain go away!”

  1. yoo, man. i started reading this. i anticipate the myriad of updates, especially since i missed your visit. what the crap. i suck. yo, i think we’re coming to LA. and i’d love it to be via road trip. but who knows if it will be. i assume plane will be the way to go. but i’ll see you soon. keep this updated. i’m stoked.

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