video posting is hard

ok i cant figure out how to link the jibjab videos to this site quite yet and to be honest i havent put a lot of effort into finding out how, so for the time being cut and paste the provided links:

the one i made:

the one my friend kristian made:

Also, today was the first day that all the late night hosts came back so i made it my business to watch both jay (without writers) and dave (with writers) to see the difference and which is better. ultimately my decision is this: jay is ok, dave was funnier, conan is…the funniest man on tv. writers or no, i was laughing my ass off watching him. he is seriously a genius. do yourself a favor and youtube the name “conan” right now and just watch any clip of him. i love him.


~ by mattmcg on January 3, 2008.

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