Rose Parade and Math Camp

Happy New Year!
its 4am, i wake up to go to work, ouch. yes, i signed up to work the rose parade in my page uniform. long story short, i froze my ass off. BUT i got to watch the parade from up close, and i was the first time i had ever been to a real televized parade. I lived in NY for 22 years of my life and never once went to the thanksgiving day parade. weird. oh well, one less thing i have to do before i die.

Also, today was the day that Jay Leno came back to host the Tonight Show (sans writers), and i got to work the show. I was curious all day to see how the show would go without the writers, but to be honest, i didnt notice a very big difference at all, it was basically a normal show….oh well.

the high point of my day was when i got home, i had a delightful email from my buddy kristian. it was a jibjab video that he made, it is seriously some funny shit, so im going to link it onto this blog post, everyone should see it. im gonna go make one now too, ill post that when its done.


~ by mattmcg on January 3, 2008.

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