The Day The Earth Stood Still

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A New Life.

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My life is totally different from the last time i posted (sorry its been a while). I did the “The Day The Earth Stood Still” gig for a week and I had a great time there. It was at the 20th Century Fox lot in Century City which is also the home of the Fox building, otherwise known as Nakatomi Plaza from the first DIE HARD movie.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it. Just imagine the top floors of it being blown up by John McClane…you cant help but smile. the set for the movie was really cool, it was for what is called an “insert unit” which was basically a one week setup for ONE day of shooting. i cant say what the set looked like or what it involved because i signed a confidentiality agreement, but lets just say, no big actors were around. but regardless of that, it was a learning experience for me as a production assistant (PA), and i got to make a lot of good contacts.

While that job was coming to an end, i began interviewing all over the place for a new job. and i finally got called in for a job. the job is for the NEW “90210” show, simply titled…90210.

I’m currently working as their Office PA in Manhattan Beach which is substantially more south from where I live. the commute kinda bites but the job is pretty cool so far. My job basically is to serve the office in every which way and make sure everyone here is happy. So its kinda of a lame job, but in the entertainment industry its a good stepping stone kinda gig.

This weekend was pretty cool, me and my friend kristian each took a date to the Getty Museum.

Getty Museum

It’s an art museum a little south from where I live. It was pretty fascinating to see all those old paintings right in front of my face. I overheard one of the museum curator’s giving a tour and he was talking about a particular painting that he said cost the museum 70 MILLION dollars when they bought it in 2003. That amazes me. The painting were so old…some from the 16th and 17th centuries. the only other thing that old and awesome is my nana, who dropped me 100 bucks this weekend just for being such a rad grandson. Thanks nans!

And if you’re sharp, you noticed that I said I brought a date to the museum. Yes, I have been seeing a girl sort of. She seems pretty cool and she seems to think I’m pretty cool too. So that’s workin out…more details on that later. My friends Cassy and Lenny are coming to visit me starting next tuesday so i’m looking forward to them coming here. We plan to drive to Vegas for the weekend, and you know I usually have good stories to tell after Vegas, muahaha! So keep checking the blog people! sorry I havent posted in a while, i’ve been busy.

One last topic I wanna cover…the LA LAKERS rule.

If you know me well, you know that ive never been an NBA fan, let alone a SPORTS fan at all. I don’t know how it happened, but I have really been tracking the lakers and im enjoying it thoroughly. Now they made it to the NBA championship and won last nights game (game 3). I think its safe to say I might have become a Lakers fan overnight. Funny how things happen, I guess people can change, right?


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in the midst of trying to find a steady job, i got to thinking of all the jobs ive ever had, and im going to attempt to list them all right here. it’s been fun thinking of every little thing ive ever been paid for and trying to write them down in their proper order that they happened. you try it in the comments of this blog!

1. McDonalds (I was 14, it lasted 2 weeks)

2. K-Mart (cashier)

3. Radio Shack (salesperson)

4. S & S Tuxedo’s (salesperson)

5. Poolside Concession Stand (1 weekend)

6. GEICO (underwriter)

7. Binghamton Library (music library attendant)

8. Long Island Balloon (delivery person)

9. Saturday Night Live (cue card catcher/stage crew)

10. Dark Water (assistant set dresser)

11. Wife Swap (logger)

12. Enchanted (craft service)

13. Rescue Me (assistant set dresser)

14. Chase Auto Finance (Customer Service)

15. Levittown School District (substitute teacher)

16. NBC (page)

17. Star Trek (extra)

18. Caterer (1 day)

19. How to Look Good Naked (extra)

20. The Day the Earth Stood Still (PA for 1 week)

21. ??

and hopefully the 21st job will come soon enough. this was fun trying to think of all this stuff and put them in the right order, you should try it.

Unemployment and Snuff Films

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As of May 23 I am officially unemployed. That’s right. You see, the page program is supposed to only last exactly 1 year, but sometimes people are extended a bit so they have a little bit more time to find a job. But in my case, I was extended longer than any page in recent history¬† 1 year and 2 months. Shocking. I think it happened because my boss Betty really liked me and sympathized with me a lot. Plus I made her laugh all the time. But as much as Betty loved me, she couldn’t extend me any longer. So as of last friday, I have NO JOB. Here is a pic of me hanging up my page pin with my name on it (a page tradition) along with my celebrity look alike photo – Jonah Hill.

But am I worried? Not really actually…it doesn’t feel like I’m broke and jobless just yet. After all, I am getting my final paycheck from NBC this Friday, So I really won’t feel the effects of having no money till next week. And you wouldn’t know I’m jobless to look at me. I mean, last Friday night, I went out with some friends. This girl, Lauren Zwerling (who I share quite an interesting past with) from High School came to visit her friend in LA and thought it would be cool if we met up for drinks. So me and my buddy Cameron went to meet up with her and her friend. We pre-gamed a little and then left for the bar. It was called the “Happy Ending Bar”. It was a cool place but apparently no one else thought so but me. Cameron peaced out quickly leaving me with Lauren and her 2 friends. We all re-located to a much more expensive bar called “Vanguard”. With an extremely full bladder, we stood there for about a half hour waiting for one of the girls’ friends to let us in for free. It ended up being 5 dollars a person but whatever. So we get in (I peed finally) and we continued to get drinks. Just to let you know what kind of a place this was…there were girls in their underwear dancing on pillars and at the bar if you opened a tab it was a $40 minimum. INSANE. So to make a long story short, I got super drunk. SO drunk, in fact, that I apparently ordered stuff on that night before I went to bed. I found this out by checking my email the next morning. “Thank you for completing your order with”. yeah. great!

So now it’s Wednesday. This morning I did some extra work again, similar to my Star Trek gig. Only this time it was way shorter, easier, and cheaper. It was a one day gig for the show “How to Look Good Naked” hosted by Carson Kressley of “Queer Eye” fame.

Basically we got to shoot in this banquet hall from 9:30am – 1:30pm. I had to wear a suit and tie because it was supposed to be a fancy event. I got paid 32 dollars in cash on the spot. SCORE!

When I got home, I checked the mail and found that one of my Amazon orders had arrived – “Snuff” by Chuck Palahniuk.

It’s his new book. If you don’t know who C.P. is, you should definitely check him out. His books are awesome. He wrote “Fight Club”, which they turned into that awesome movie. But he has many other books that are just as twisted. “Snuff” is about this porn queen who sets out to break the world’s record for having a 600 person gang bang, the story is told through several different P.O.V.’s of some of the um….contestants? I don’t know what to call those guys, but you get the idea. It sounds exactly like something C.P. would write. Although I couldn’t imagine this being adapted into a movie…oh wait, yes I can, I just have to open the folder labeled “gang bang vids” on my hard drive… um….i mean….uh….moving on…

So aside from the one day of extra work, I didn’t know what else to do with my unemployed ass, so I’ve basically just been playing GTA 4 non-stop!

But then suddenly I received a phone call today from this woman who had gotten my resume from someone and wanted to know if I could help her out and be a PA for 1 week. I immediately said sure before she even told me what the gig was. But basically I’m going to be helping out on a one day “insert shoot” for a 20th century fox movie called “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, no it’s not a documentary about the day Hollywood announced they were making a sequel to Gigli, it’s a remake of the classic 1951 alien flick of the same name.

So for a guy who can’t land a permanent job, I’m doing a pretty good job of getting temporary work. So now you see why I’m not worrying so much….just yet. Ok, time to go read about porn queens.

Too Many Celebs

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Sorry again for not posting that often. But what can I say, I’m lazy….to be honest, i’ve tried blogging before. I used to have a livejournal account and it lasted for about a day or two, so im actually doing pretty well this time.

Last weekend my friend Ari asked me if I wanted to help him shoot a project on the weekend, so I said I would. So he called me on saturday to come down to Hollywood and help him shoot his friends band in the recording studio. The idea is that he is trying to get footage together so he can start a website that will be all about Los Angeles. It will frequently showcase cool bands, actors, writers, directors, whatever, and it just so happened that we were going to shoot his friends band called “His Orchestra”:

It turns out that two of the bands members are actors. The lead singers name is Doug Smith. I didn’t know any of his previous work except for one role. He plays Bill Paxton’s son on the hit HBO show “Big Love”. Which, if you watch that show, you know exactly who he is.

The other actor I personally didn’t recognize but apparently he was on a fairly popular show on the disney channel called “Phil of the Future”. His name is Raviv Ullman. I unfortunately have never seen his show, but some people may know him, so here’s a pic:

Both of these guys were really nice and seemed really down to Earth. But most of all they really seemed dedicated to their music and they didn’t to care about us interviewing them, they just cared about recording their album. It’s their first album, and I hope it works out for them. They were recording in this HUGE recording studio called Bomb Shelter Studios that is owned by Eric Kretz, the drummer for rock band “Stone Temple Pilots”. check it out:

If you click the picture it will take you to the places website. you can look at the pictures and see that this place has everything. It had 16 ft ceilings, a pool table, a ping pong table, a nice LCD tv, some couches, a kitchen and tons and tons and tons of recording equipment. it was really cool and very interesting because apparently Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots and other bands have recorded there, which I could totally understand why.

Just when you thought I couldn’t meet any more celebrities, I took some pictures at work with two of my favorite people from two of my favorite shows: Evangeline Lilly from “Lost” and Rainn Wilson from “The Office”. Check out these pics, im out.

Harvey “Two-Face” Dent

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this is supposedly what two-face (played by aaron eckhardt) will look like in “The Dark Knight” coming out July 18th. I hope this is accurate because this is frightening and amazing.

two face

The Slip

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i love the future because cool things happen in it. today the band Nine Inch Nails released their new album, “the slip”, solely on the internet for FREE. similar to what Radiohead did, except…i like nin better than Radiohead, hehe. i still think it is a really cool concept that these big artists are now doing. they know that even if they make their album available for free online, that their massive amounts of dedicated fans will still go out and buy the album anyway. bands like nin and radiohead are so big that they can basically do whatever they want. they are no longer commited to a label and have the freedom to make whatever creative choices they want, which is so badass. im listening to the album right now and it sounds pretty good so far. it’s only 10 songs (although track 1 is a minute long intro…which i hate), so technically its only 9 new songs, but who’s counting? what’s also cool is that they give you the choice to download the straight mp3 files or a FLAC file which stands for “free audio lossless codec”. a FLAC file is essentially the fully uncompressed version of the audio recording. mp3’s an other formats tend to compress the audio a bit, so for the true anywho, if you want to download the album yourself, click on the picture below. or wait till july when the physical cd is released.